GLOW Careers is website dedicated to introducing students, parents, teachers, counselors, and current workers to wide variety of careers available in the GLOW (Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming) Counties and the Western New York and Finger Lakes Regions.

-Aligning workforce with current and projected industry needs will allow our businesses to grow and compete in a global marketplace.  

-Highlighting the education needed to pursue these careers through career pathways makes the GLOW Careers website a resource for persons who want to pursue local careers


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Opportunities for a well paying career exist in many different industry sectors that you may not have considered.  Currently there is a need for qualified welders, construction trades, technicians, electricians, engineers, lab technicians, CNC machinists, and truck drivers.  Many local GLOW companies across a variety of industries are in need of specialized workers.

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Education and training is the pathway to a successful career and a productive life.  Not all careers require a formal college degree and certainly not all careers require a bachelor’s degree.  With the price of college skyrocketing consider how much you will pay into your training/education and what your return will be while considering a potential career field.

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Apprentice training skilled trades
Expanding manufacturing facilities
Expanding health care field
Expanding nanotechnology field
Expanding agriculture sector
Short commute times
Accessibility to major cities
Vibrant communities
Over 80 colleges
Low housing prices

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